Deegital Communications Sdn Bhd  is a company with a bright vision to create more interesting and exciting advertising and events in the market today, It was a dream of 2 individuals who shared a common interest in building up this company.

Established in April 2017 in Subang Jaya, Deegital Communications Sdn Bhd was built on a mid sized studio which has their unique background and experience to bring up the standards of the advertising and events industries. Although we were built on a small group of people but each and everyone has a mindset of thinking out of the box to bring out extra ideas and services. Most important is that we ensure that what we provide are QUALITY and PROFESSIONAL services.

This passion of ours is certainly an advantage to you because we want to produce the best of what we have and what we can all be proud of.


Deegital Communications Sdn Bhd has the motivation and direction to approach each and every one of our customers because:

  • We walk the extra mile

  • Your goal is our inspirations

  • We understand your needs

  • We can achieve better

  • A smile from you is a success to us

  • A personal touch is always there for you